Launching March 1st 2020!

Progress Report 12th February

Main developments on the server are almost complete. We're still thinking if there are more features we want to add before launch or not. Our main goals at the moment are testing & balancing before launch. Which we are doing by inviting small groups of players to try out the server.
The website is almost finished. it is still lacking some images in the Guides & Features pages and ofcourse we need to move domains.
Hoping to see you all on the discord!

Website Update 14th January

We're doing updates to our website to modernize various pages and add more information. Please be patient as the website will often be offline for updates.

Champions of Madrigal

Sadly the server has been force to close late 2019 due to lack of player activity and population. However plans to come back as a new project in 2020 are in the works. Keep updated on our Discord or watch the website for updates!