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Ultimate Conversion

In classic Flyff if you wanted to convert a Guardian-to-Bloody Weapon from 'Regular' to 'Ultimate',
you had to use Gems, Shining Oricalcum and Xprox and try over and over to get lucky. We didnt like this so we changed it.
Using our Crafting & Disenchantment Features we simplified Ultimate Conversion. Disenchant Green weapons & Armor into 'Weapon Scrap' and 'Armor Scrap'. Use our Crafting Window to convert your Rare weapon to an Epic (Ultimate) weapon using these scraps! The higher level the weapon, the more costly it will be. Additionally, half of the upgrade value is kept. a +10 rare will turn into a +5 Ultimate.

Crafting an Ultimate Guardian Weapon.

Weapon Modification (Ultimate Gem Slotting)

We have also redone the way Ultimate Gems work. Allowing for more unique combinations and less randomness. They are now called 'Weapon Modifications' and have newly added stats. The following changes were made

  • Up to 3 Modification Slots open (at +6 / +8 and +10)
  • You cannot slot the same modification twice
  • Slotting a modification is guaranteed and always gives the same stats
  • You can remove the last modification with a scroll and return the item to your inventory.
The following Weapon Modifications are currently available (more might be added in the future)
  • Razor Edge: Strength +50
  • Adrenaline Rush: Dexterity +50
  • Neural Implant: Intelligence +50
  • Muscle Enhancer: Stamina +50
  • Steel Barrier: Physical Defence +10%
  • Null Mantle: Magic Resist +10%
  • Sharpening: Critical Damage +25%
  • Mana Booster: Magical Damage +20%
  • Ion Boosters: Attack Rate +15%
  • Armor Piercing: Damage Penetration +20%*
Weapon Modifications can be crafted by buying their recipe at the Crafting NPC and collecting the appropriate ingredients.
*Damage Penetration causes you to ignore Physical Defence & Magic Resist in PvE/PvP

Slotting Weapon Modifications

Updated Skills

We have re-done the skilltrees for all our classes. Keeping original skills and adding new unique ones. We aimed to give each class meaningfull buffs and skills for PvE or PvP purposes, while keeping their identity close to the original feeling.
And yes that means we still have classic ASAL!

Many classic skills remain but are often modernized or updated to be more user friendly and easier to use.

New Skills

In addition to updating the classic Flyff skills, We also added a few brand new skills.

Each class has 1 Legendary Skill obtained from the endgame dungeon 'The Emerald Hive'. More information on the dungeon at the New Features.