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Crafting System

Create or Upgrade items through our unique Crafting Menu. (Available at NPCs or start menu)

Discover recipes by adding an item in the first slot of the window. (double clicking will auto fill)
Some recipes are hidden and you will have to find the correct item to get the rewards.

Disenchantment System

Hand in hand with the crafting system goes our Disenchantment System.This is an option available at NPC or the start menu. It will allow you to break down various items into new materials. Either for wealth gain or to create new crafting materials.
In many cases you will have to disenchant items to obtain certain items for the Crafting System.

Simply place the item (or double click) and view the outcome (if any).
Disenchantment is permanent and cannot be undone.

Faction System

Read our guide to know all the details on how to use the Faction System.
Unique to our server, we have created a Faction System where players can choose between one of two factions. Choosing which faction you play for will determine what kind of bonusses and rewards you get from them. It will also show up on your player name with a little tag next to your name. Players compete between eachother for Faction Points and Reputation, which grants personal and global bonusses depending on how well you do. Faction points & reputation can be earned through Quests, killing monsters and more.


Everyone has their own style, but not every item has the best of stats.

Cosmetics and customization are an important aspect of Flyff which we want to keep in Emerald Flyff. We offer a wide variety of classic and new cosmetic items ranging from weapons, fashion, pets and auras.
The transmution system makes it easy to change your appearance to your favorite weapon and fashion without losing any precious stats or bonusses.

Molten Arena

The Molten Arena is a new low-tier dungeon for Level 120s to farm Bloody Armor pieces.

Available At Level 110 ~ 120

  • Drops
  • Bloody Knight Set
  • Bloody Blade Set
  • Bloody Ringmaster Set
  • Bloody Billposter Set
  • Bloody Ranger Set
  • Bloody Jester Set
  • Bloody Psykeeper Set
  • Bloody Elementor Set


Besiege a new island fortress in this new soloable dungeon.

Available At Level 115 ~ 120

  • Drops
  • Weapon Cards (A)
  • Suit Cards (7%)
  • Copper (Penya Item)
  • Silver (Penya Item)
  • Gold (Penya Item)

Desert Caverns

Explore unseen caves from the fantasy desert in this new soloable dungeon.

Available At Level 135 ~ 150

  • Drops
  • Raw Ore
  • Glowing Crystal
  • Sacred Beads
  • Weapon Cards (A)
  • Suit Cards (7%)

Icy Plains

Located deep in Azria, this soloable dungeon features vast plains of enemies to farm.

Available At Level 121H ~ 125H

  • Drops
  • Champion's Jewelry
  • Markman's Jewelry
  • Adept's Jewelry
  • Defender's Jewelry
  • Weapon Cards (A)
  • Suit Cards (7%)

The Emerald Hive

The Emerald Hive is our ultimate endgame dungeon and key to unlock your special Emerald Skill for your class.

Available At Level 145 ~ 150

  • Drops
  • Emerald Shards
  • Emerald Gems
  • Emerald Skillbooks
  • Emerald Skillbook Chance Box
  • Emerald Jewelry of Might
  • Emerald Jewelry of Psychi
  • Emerald Jewelry of Flux
  • Emerald Jewelry of Reflex
  • Weapon Cards (A)
  • Suit Cards (7%)