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Beginner Quests

Right when you spawn in North Flarine. There is an NPC next to you that will give you a collection of early-mid game quests.
These quests can be useful for getting started with some basic leveling goals and dungeon runs.
Additionally its good to read the Quest Guides to see what other usefull custom quests there are in our server.
We've also updated the ingame beginner tutorial with some new information!

Image of Pang tutorial

Early Game Equipment

Green Sets (15 up to 105) will be dropping from all monsters. Guardian Weapons and up only drop from giants. However completing certain quests can also give new weapons.
Remember that Green set parts and weapons can be disenchanted for materials that are useful later in your flyff career.

Quick Access to features

The menu has a few extra options for new windows that were added to the server.
In Addition there are a few new hotkeys for often used features.
V: Teleporter
L: Party Finder