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A Guide to Factions

Factions are a brand new feature in Emerald Flyff. Unique to the server not seen anywhere else.

In Emerald Flyff you can join one of two factions to gain access to unique quests & bonusses.

You will earn reputation for your faction while doing special quests or killing certain monsters. Once your reputation reaches a certain point. You can level up.
The higher your faction level, the better the rewards will be!

Joining a Faction

There are two factions in the world, you can join any of them for free, but once joined you cannot leave or switch!
You need to be at least level 60 before you can join a faction!

To join The Emerald Guardians talk to their leader in Saint Morning

Image of Location

To join The Emerald Raiders talk to their leader in Darkon City

Image of Location

If you made the wrong choice, you can always switch with the Scroll of Remove Faction however this puts you back at level 1.

The difference between the two factions is the type of stats you get when leveling up. However both factions will gain similar amounts of power.

Gaining Reputation

When you open the Faction Menu you can see how much Reputation you have & need to level up to the next level.

Image of Faction Overview

You can currently gain reputation by doing the follow actions:

  • Complete Quests (will automatically unlock once joining a faction)
  • Kill monsters tagged with the opposing faction tag (either [Guardian] or [Raider])
  • Donate penya directly to the Faction Leader
  • kill players in PvP modes that are part of the opposing faction (FFA)

Leveling Up & Rewards

As soon as you join a faction, you will receive a level 1 buff with some minor benefits.
These buffs will increase in power each time you level up your faction. Up to level 8.
At level 8 you will be rewarded with a unique Fashion Set. This fashion set can be upgraded with the Crafting System.
The upgraded version of the fashion set will grant set bonus effects!

Gif of Faction Buffs

Faction Score & Benefits

Within the faction system there is a pool of 5000 points that is shared between the two factions.
Every time a player from a faction does an action that increases their reputation, they will steal points from one faction to theirs.
When your faction has more points than the opposing faction, everyone in that faction will gain a bonus to their EXP & Penya drops.
This bonus will change every day based on how active each of the faction members are, an overview of the score can be found on the Faction Overview.
Additional you can see the Faction Overview on our page: Faction Overview Page

Gif of Faction Buffs_2