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PvP & Factions

A recent addition to Emerald Flyff is our brand new Open World Faction PvP System!

This system aims to bring back the feeling of classic Flyff PK without the negative aspects of losing your equipment or being hindered while leveling.

The system is fully optional through an opt-in setting and is only available for Players 120+ who are part of a faction. Rewards for killing players include gaining reputation, gaining pvp fame and stealing points from the opposing faction.

How it works

When PvP is enabled for your character, your name color will change and your faction tag will be displayed.

While in this mode, you can attack other players from the opposing faction but only for those who also enabled PvP mode. This means you can only do open world PvP when both players have PvP mode enabled. The first player who falls will die in the same way you die to monsters. no gold or items are lost upon losing PvP. but you will lose faction reputation and PvP fame.

Enabling PvP

At any point during gameplay you can opt-in for PvP mode through the options setting.

When you enable pvp mode. You will given a cooldown of several hours where you cannot disable PvP mode again. This is to prevent people from abusing the system by constantly enabling and disabling pvp mode at any moment. Cities are PvP-Safe zones where your character is safe from any attackers.

Benefits & Rewards

While PvP mode is active. You will gain a small stat buff to further encourage players to stay in PvP mode even during daily activities. You also gain a nice name color & name tag based on your faction. This is there to easily identify which players are in PvP mode and which aren't.

Killing other PvP players gives the following rewards:

  • PvP Fame for PvP Titles
  • 25 Reputation Per kill
  • Bonus reputation if you kill a member who is higher faction level than you.
  • Steal score away from the opposing faction and grant it to your faction.
Dying to another PvP player does have some small drawbacks:
  • Losing PvP Fame
  • Losing 25 Reputation (Faction level kept even if reputation is dropped too low)