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Emerald Flyff - Resurgence Event!

We're doing a big event focussing on advertising and new player acquisition!
Starting 24th of July running until the 7th of August we'll be offering the following rewards.

  • a FREE Welcome Package any new account can buy for 0 GE on the Web Shop!
  • New Login Events, you will obtain 1x New Player Crate + 1x Xpro Box every hour (in addition to normal login rewards)
  • Joining as a guild? Contact Tractor on Discord to obtain a special Guild Welcome Package including a free Guild Scroll & Donation Furniture
In addition to these changes we are increasing the amount of Level Up Rewards for new players, Increasing Drops in dungeons (patched last week) and Increasing the amount of sieges that will happen.
We hope you will enjoy these changes to come and try out Emerald Flyff!

Enchanted Forest Launch & Changelog

Our Expansion is live! As always to get the full detailled changelog please visit our Discord for all the information. A brief summary of all the changes will be posted here.
Starting today until Sunday the 31th there will be increased Donation Bonuses to celebrate the expansion! Expansion Changes

  • Increased Level cap to 150
  • Added Unique PvP-Only Weapons with special effects.
  • Added Unique PvE-Only Weapons with special effects.
  • Added a new World with 7 new 150 Tier dungeons!
  • Added 120m Siege and 120m FFA. Check the discord for the full schedule.
  • Added a new special tier of Weapon Mods for 125+ Weapons.
  • Added new Cosmetic Weapons, Fashions, Pets and Cloaks to the Donation & Vote Shop.
  • Fixed various bugs and added various Quality of Life changes.
  • Added new Personal House Furnitures.
  • Reworked PvP Ingame shops.
  • Many more small changes detailled on the Discord!

Enchanted Forest Teaser & Information

Additional information about the expansion can be found in the Video Description.

Enchanted Forest Expansion Announcement!

A new world is unveiling within Madrigal, deep forests and rough mountains are ahead.
We are expanding our server's content up to level 150-H with this newly announced expansion!
Experience 6+ new dungeons, Faction PvP, Unique Skills and new items all together in a stylized and thematic experience!
Enchanted Forest is expected to launch late May! Get your friends and prepare now to be ready to face the Emerald Dragon King!

Road to Hero!

It's official. Our first expansion is called 'Road to Hero' and will be launching March 20th!.
Check out the awesome trailer created by one of our staff members.
The expansion will feature an expanded level cap to 135-H, new skills. New dungeons and new bosses!

We've Launched!

Last week we launched the server and it has been a great success! The early days were a bit rough with some server crashes but those were quickly fixed.
Progression has been good and players are excited for the future of the server. Make sure you join the discord to stay updated with the latest patches!

Trailer & Launch Dates

We have just uploaded a little trailer to get you excited about the server:
Additonally as you can see on the homepage. We will be launching the server on March 1st 2020!. Sign Ups & Preloading the client will be available starting Friday the 28th!. We have been doing a lot of internal private testing with small groups and players, and we are getting good feedback! Hope to see you all ingame soon.

Progress Report 12th February

Main developments on the server are almost complete. We're still thinking if there are more features we want to add before launch or not. Our main goals at the moment are testing & balancing before launch. Which we are doing by inviting small groups of players to try out the server.
The website is almost finished. it is still lacking some images in the Guides & Features pages and ofcourse we need to move domains.
Hoping to see you all on the discord!

Website Update 14th January

We're doing updates to our website to modernize various pages and add more information. Please be patient as the website will often be offline for updates.

Champions of Madrigal

Sadly the server has been force to close late 2019 due to lack of player activity and population. However plans to come back as a new project in 2020 are in the works. Keep updated on our Discord or watch the website for updates!