Features Page

Improvements Gameplay Changes New Features

Free Extra Bags

For player convenience we made Extra Bags permanent and free!


Quickly teleport to known locations of towns and dungeon entrances with the teleporter. (Hotkey: V)

Party Finder

Find available parties in the server with this handy menu. (Hotkey: L)

Pet Filter

Only pick up the items you truly desire with our pet filter. (Hotkey: U)

Updated Damage Display

Damage in Emerald Flyff is color coded for your convenience.

Physical Damage is rendered in a orange.
Magical Damage is rendered in purple.
Taking damage will have a black border while dealing damage will have a brighter border.

Healing Display

Be it passive health regeneration or active food usage, you can now easily see how much health you are gaining back.

This feature also includes the health received from healing spells from allies.

Party Improvements

We have updated the party system slightly to make it less painful to miss out and less annoying to participate.

  • Linked Attack (With Red Scroll active) now gives a damage boost to ALL members
  • Linked Attack damage boost has been lowered from 1.8x to 1.25x.
  • Linked Attack damage boost is the same with 2 members as with 8 members in a party.
  • Party leveling has been updated to allow single users to level up a party without needing a partner in range!


Collecting has been changed to our mining system. This update is mostly thematic to make it fit the feeling of an RPG. Everyone gets their 'Forging Hammer' for free and its total energy scales per level. Making it more rewarding to mine at higher levels. The collecting field has received a revamp in visuals and animations. Rewards are also updated!

Upgrade your hammer to +5 with moonstones for faster mining.
The donation shop has Gold & Silver Kits for keeping your hammer at maximum energy!

Raised Pets

We have reworked the way pets level up & gain levels and gave them a new look. Making it less randomized and more rewarding. Raised Pets now gain experience while you have it out and kill monsters. This includes Eggs too. You will still have to feed your pet to keep it alive.
New leveling approach Instead of assigning a random level when you upgrade your pet. Each time you level it up it has only 2 choices.

  • Level D: 1 (default)
  • Level C: 2 or 3
  • Level B: 4 or 5
  • Level A: 6 or 7
  • Level S: 8 or 9
This means the worst pet you can get is always at least 1/2/4/6/8. We also changes the amount of bonusses you get per level, making it scale less heavily into endgame and more rewarding early on.

The amount of experience gained for raised pets increases based on monster level and decreases based on pet level.

No EXP-Mode

While farming or running a dungeon, you may not always want to level up.

Simply disable all EXP gain with this option.

Quick Sell

Certain items that are often sold to the NPC have been tagged with [Right Click to Quick Sell] when in a shop window. This makes it easier to quickly sell your items. This is only available for Blue weapons/Armors and Green Armors as long as they are not upgraded.